The 3D System

Through 3D Technology together with traditional Tailoring , we guarentee a truly exceptional customized product.

The Body Scanner can be positioned in  pre exisiting stores and occupies the same amount of space as a fitting/changing room. Alternatively we can create an Enrico Monti Perfectum Store for you.

Become one of our retailers with a small investment and see the benefits of working with us.

Technology together with traditional Tailoring, for a truly exceptional customized product
We produce handcrafted suites and shirts


From 3D To Tailor

It takes less than 2 seconds to make over 300 body measurements, a software will transform your measurements and correct any eventual physical defects.

The choice of the fabrics and model type will then be made with us, helping you all the way. Finally once the order has been placed you’ll receive your perfect suit in about 3 weeks, wherever you are.
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